Turnkey website development

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Internet-shops, web-sites, business cards

Developing frontends and online stores for HYIPs, we follow all the effective rules which are valid for ordinary landing pages and stores.

Landing pages for hyip-projects must look good, contain clear and attractive headlines and have no more than one call to action - an appeal to sign up for a hyip, for example.

For the internet store of hyip-project will have to create also clear catalog with service description and also give opportunity to pay by usual payment system. The price for such development will be higher, because you need a script for accepting payments, sorting cards and much more.

Peculiarities of the banding

Development of hyip-branding includes website design, script and linking all kinds of services - social networks, feed, call to action buttons (eg, registration in the hyip-project). It is very important:

  • not to overload the site with information, but to give a complete picture of you;
  • Develop an attractive design, preferably unique;
  • Make an impression of an exclusive HYIP-project - a solid design, the lack of places in the system;
  • Look reliable. For this purpose, all transactions through the site must be protected by https encryption protocol and SSL certificate from a -verified center.

Great if the home page has the dynamics of deposit/withdrawal of funds (the last transactions and acquisitions, the largest investments). We recommend filling the website of a HYIP-project with unique, thoughtful content to inspire trust.

A business card is their cover, which should arouse interest and attract attention. A good website increases the chances that the user will want to read the details.

Online stores for HYIP projects

There must be clear sections with maximum information in the catalog. If your product is an investment plan for this or that HYIP, it is even more important to present it to the user. You need to be able to pay immediately in the most usual way, so it is best to link more than one payment system. The reputation of the online store of the HYIP project is supported by such factors as:

  • fast processing of payments;
  • Prompt answers to customers' questions in chat;
  • Uninterrupted operation of the site;
  • secure connection;
  • The feedback from users about the HYIP-project, preferably the real ones.

The catalog needs detailed descriptions. Ideally, if there are additional materials - video instructions, presentations, infographics for a better understanding of the nature of the HYIP project. Content-rich site shows that the administrator is constantly engaged in it, hyip develops and grows. And this is an additional reason to make an investment.

For online stores we have as ready-made templates, as well as the opportunity to create them from scratch or modify the theme you like. We provide the HYIP project with unique visual and textual content, we design suitable banners. With us you can buy a project of any complexity on a turnkey basis.