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What is an MLM game?

What are MLM games? These are highly profitable Internet projects, where remuneration is paid to the joined participant at the expense of the newly recruited. That is, profits are generated only and exclusively by the new flow of players. If participants stop coming - the project folds, fixing the profit.

Directly to MLM such games have a very distant relation, because in many of them it is not necessary to invite other participants. However, this is the combination that has developed to define this phenomenon.

MLM-projects differ from HYIPs in that the administration is not covered by Forex or other explanations for high profits. You are honestly told that "the ship is sailing" solely due to the contributions of new participants.

In MLM games you can earn without investing their own money, just talking about the interesting project to all around in the social networks and forums. All interested parties will just need to provide their referral link. The promotion of games is mostly carried out by the efforts of referral leaders through posts on forums, blogs, social networks, as well as through special monitoring and spam mailings.

It is not a question of stable earnings, it is a gamble, where you need to diversify by small portions on different projects, so your chances of turning a profit are much higher.

Among the varieties of this "culture" are: Matrix, queues, hourly, doublers, it's a whole industry!

Matrix. In "matrices" the funds of each new participant are distributed to higher participants under certain conditions. The structure and rules for distributing funds in a matrix are often complex and ambiguous. Matrices are a multi-level system, they can be short (2-4 levels) or long (7-15 levels). The higher the level, the higher your income. The life potential of such projects is quite high. To understand the rules of work - it will take time.

The structure of the "matrix" assumes the need to perform certain actions, playing the game, filling out forms, buying goods, thereby ensuring the employment of customers. That is, the organizers need to make people "hang out" on their site performing various tasks. A busy client tends to think that he is doing something necessary, that he earns money this way, and in a sense - it's really so.

Queues. The payment of deposits and interest is made from the queue of new depositors. The duration of such projects depends on how attractive the conditions for entry are and how good the traffic of new participants is. The life span is usually no more than 2-3 months. The scheme of the queue implies increasing turns of circles, cycles, where incoming funds are distributed between the participants of the previous cycle, added to the balance and withdrawn to an electronic purse. On what circle you personally decide to get off is your choice, do not be greedy.

Doubling and tripling. As the name implies - they double and triple the deposit after a specified period of time. Such projects are the most short-lived. The offered profit on them can vary in the range of 50%-300% per day and higher.

Hourly ratepayers. Hourly rate projects are somewhat similar in nature to Formula 1. The chances of crashing at such a rate are the highest. Interest in such projects is accrued every hour. Withdrawals can also be made on an hourly basis. Mayflies are long-lived in comparison to such powder kegs.

Games with a withdrawal of money. Separate attention should also be paid to online games with a withdrawal of money. These games use in-game currency, which is accrued on your balance for performing certain actions. Earn money playing - very nice. Need something to grow and collect, and sell it, later exchanging virtual money for real money. Mining crystals, developing their fleet of cars, catching fish, buying and renting real estate, or even your own brothel! Games for every taste and budget.

Behind the seemingly innocuous interface with cute ducks and chickens, there are strategies with smart economics and a multi-level affiliate program. This is the territory of proven marketing strategies and applied mathematics.

In this case we are like sheep frolicking carefree on the lawn, while the butcher chooses one or the other.

And at the same time, it is one of the safest types of earnings for a certain period of time. For example, "Neighborhood Farm" has been working for 3 years and regularly pays a profit podnatyvshimi in "farm work" farmers. Of course, nothing lasts forever, so the ins and outs of such games must be planned in advance.

What is hyip?

Basic concepts and definitions.

The word itself "hyip or hyip or hyip" is an abbreviation of the word combination "High Yield Investment Program", which means approximately the following: "High Yield Investment Program." Hyips use mainly electronic payment systems. This can be explained by their high accessibility for any user in the world, as well as sufficient anonymity. Can a HYIP be used for making profit? The answer is unambiguous - yes, you can, but with the observance of certain rules of the game.

But first let's consider some basic concepts that are directly related to HYIP projects:

-Ponzi (Ponzi scheme, Ponzi pyramid. Received its name in honor of the first known in the history of the creator of the largest pyramid scheme of the early 20th century) - a program with a dubious type of activity, conducting its work by attracting new funds. Does not provide the presence of real activity.

-ROI (Return On Investment) - the amount of funds paid by the project from the invested deposit. It is measured in percent.

-PM (perfect money, Perfect Money) - the most widespread private and anonymous EPS for operations with HYIPs.

-EPS - electronic payment system. Also abbreviation is used for plural.

-Account - space allocated by registration and protected by password on the website of the investment project, where you can carry out operations with the deposit, referral fees and interest accruals.

-Deposit - a deposit. Placement of a certain amount of money in the project.

Profit - profit received as a result of investing into the project.

-Withdrawal - withdrawal of funds in the project or EPN.

Instant - one of the types of payments. After ordering, payment comes instantly to a purse in the EPS.

-Pending - the set time of waiting for payment in the project, processing a payment request, or delay in payment exceeding the rules.

-SCAM - closing of the project, cessation of payments by the project, violation of the rules of payments, implementation of fake payments.

-Fake - deliberate deception of investors by project owners in order to demonstrate the imaginary solvency of the project by making payments without the actual receipt of funds directly into the wallets of investors.

-Upline (apline) - the superior in the structure, the owner of the link by which the registration in the project was carried out.

-RefBack (ReferralComissionBack, RСB) - the return receipt of an affiliate commission for the contribution from the superior upline.

Classification of projects by the level of profitability they offer.

Classification of projects by the level of profitability they offer.

HYIPs are distinguished by the level of profitability that they offer to their

The most profitable, or profitable, is a HYIP, offering income of 61% per month and above. And this is a net income, without taking into account that the money invested will also be returned. Such projects are also called "fast", that is - "fast". It is easy to understand that a HYIP, capable to give such a huge profit, simply by definition is not able to live and work long. That is why they are called "fasts".

-HYIPs with yields of 61% per month are characterized by an incredibly high level of profit and the speed at which this very profit can be obtained. At the same time they are also characterized by low predictability and the risk of money loss while working with such HYIPs is as high as possible.

Mid-interest HYIPs are programs which offer profits of 15% to 60% per month. As a rule, at the modern stage of the industry the weighted average percentage offered is 20-25% per month. Such projects are called "average", which directly reflects their essence.

HYIPs with a yield of 15 to 60 percent a month are characterized by moderately high yields, smoothly and evenly distributed over a certain time interval and are highly predictable programs. Due to the fact that the proposed yield is relatively low, it can be argued that investing in this type of HYIP is in some cases preferable because the risk of losing money when working with such programs is justified by the proposed profitability.

HYIPs with a yield of up to 15% per month are called low-interest or low-interest. Already from the name itself it is clear that the profit here is the least high. Despite a fairly moderate yield, this category of HYIPs can not be regarded as more predictable in terms of assessing the loss of invested funds than the average percentage HYIP. And there is a simple explanation. The bottom line is that in order to earn a sufficiently interesting amount in a low-interest HYIP from an economic point of view, you will have to invest much more than in the case of any other type of HYIP.

Advantages and disadvantages of HYIP projects.

-Consider the advantages and disadvantages of HYIPs compared to other types of investments.

The most significant disadvantage of any HYIP project is a very low level of predictability of project's working hours. And as a consequence, there is a high risk to lose money invested in a HYIP.

-Any HYIP works only with an inflow of new money. If there is no money flow, the project will stop working.

-Losing money in a HYIP, you have practically no chance to get your money back. Not even partially. Due to maximum possible anonymity of this type of investment there is nobody to claim because as a rule it is impossible to find a HYIP's organizers. But even if you manage to find people, who are related to this project, you are unlikely to be able to do anything. Almost every HYIP clearly and unambiguously warns about risks of losing money when you create an account. And everyone who is registering has to agree with these terms.

-This is, in fact, an exhaustive list of disadvantages of HYIPs. But despite their seemingly considerable importance, they can be more than offset by the advantages of a good HYIP.

-The main and indisputable advantage of any HYIP is its incomparable profitability. No other type of investment can even come close to the profitability figures, which are available in HYIPs. You can really earn in one of them as much, as you will never earn in ten alternative projects at the same time or with the same amount of investment.

-The second advantage of any good HYIP is the speed with which the profit of the participant is formed. You do not need to wait for months or even years for your income. Everything happens dynamically and even lightning fast. You just need to have time to leave the project with a profit.

-Another important aspect, which makes investments in HYIP projects so popular, is the almost complete anonymity of all participants in the process. This is achieved by using modern digital technology, making the process of investing virtually unidentifiable. Including for the relevant supervisory authorities, which is sometimes crucial for a person when deciding where to start investing.

The final part.

In any case, before you invest your money in any HYIP, think and weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of this business. Do not count on mere luck under any circumstances. A HYIP is first of all a cold and hard calculation. Remember this and do everything possible so that before you invest your money you will have as few questions to this or that project.

And in conclusion I would like to draw your attention to the most obvious, but at the same time the most often ignored by investors rule: Never invest more money in a HYIP than you are willing to lose. Are you thinking how to

how to create your own HYIP or buy a ready-made script? Contact us

If you need services such as: the creation of an online store, the creation of an investment project, the development of HYIP (hyip) project, a project with trust management, the creation of MLM (mlm), the creation of various matrices and queues, creating all kinds of pools, the creation of a resource for online marketing, creating a monitoring project, creating hyip monitoring, creating a site accepting EPS or any other business site, then you should contact us.

-сreating a resource for network marketing

-creation of exchange service

-development of monitoring project

-development of hyip monitoring

This is a studio specializing in creating financial websites. We have a large team and we can offer you a wide range of services for your project. Full list of our services you can find in this section.

Competence and efficiency of our studio will show you that we prove our professionalism not just by words but by deeds. We always qualitatively and lovingly perform all kinds of work included in our services. Using our services you really get a high quality web project.

How long does it take to develop a HYIP?

The development period of a HYIP depends on the format you need. A unique, new turnkey product - from 20 days. If you choose a store (with redesign and tweaking to your specifics) will take 10 days; if you need only setup and connection (without redesign), the work will take at least 5 days.

How much does it cost to develop a HYIP?

It all depends on the specifics of the future product. To clarify the price for your specific project, download the brief and fill it out. Based on the information received, the manager will make a calculation and provide you with the data.

What kind of hides are used for HYIPs?

The highlight is a unique script that our programmers worked on. We also use Gold Coders and H-Script.

How is the project paid for, is staggered payment possible?

Yes, staged payment is possible, we often make a breakdown into 4 times. The first installment is prepayment of 30%, then design approval and the next part of the payment is 30%. After the approval of the layout - 20%. The final payment is made after the script integration and testing - that is another 20%.

The breakdown of the payment stages may vary depending on the services you choose.

What are the stages of cooperation?

First, write or call us. After clarification of your wishes, we make an invoice, we agree all the moments, terms. Then you make the first payment (depending on conditions previously agreed). You can use the following convenient payment systems: Perfect Money USD; Advanced Cash USD, RUB; Payeer USD, RUB; Yandex.Money RUB; Qiwi, BitCoin, Ethereum.

Then we fulfill the project, we make payments, the terms of which we stipulated at the beginning. When everything is ready, you get accesses.

What is a CMS script?

A CMS script is a system used to create investment platforms. The script is used to manage payment systems, the formation of deposits, tracking payments, placement of information content. On CMS it is possible to establish any theme, including template. We offer the development of a unique design or use one of the templates.

What is a redesign and what is it for?

Redesign - changing the appearance of the site, adjusting to your specific needs and company. It changes the logo, colors, images. In this case, no adjustments are made to the placement of blocks, no new ones are added.

What is reverse engineering?

In the course of reverting change the structure of the site, its elements, including blocks, pages can be added.

Technical component: domain, hosting, SSL, dedicated API - what's it all for?

When creating a HYIP, which causes interest, will be reliable and tempting for investors, it is important to work thoroughly on the technical component. That is to come up with a suitable domain: the name of the site, the address on the network, which is formed of characters and numbers. Your domain name will be unique.

SSL - a digital certificate, it is issued by a certification center. It is a printed or electronic document confirming the owner's ownership of the public key and other attributes.

Hosting - service of placing a resource on the infoserver, which is constantly on the web.

Dedicated API - the unique address provided by static IP. Its use guarantees that your HYIP will not be confused with any other.

What is a payment aggregator?

This is a service engaged in the collection of online funds, which go to the accounts of a HYIP. Afterwards, the funds are transferred to the company using the service.

What is a referral program, does my HYIP need it?

This is a special way of cooperation between a HYIP and a client, where the latter is remunerated for bringing new people to the project. The use of referral system gives investors additional dividends and the project development.

What is a referral program, does my HYIP need it?

This is a special way of cooperation between a HYIP and a client, where the latter is remunerated for bringing new people to the project. The use of referral system gives investors additional dividends and the project development.

What kind of demo do I get?

You get updated demos that are adapted just for you.

If I don't like/doesn't fit the development, can I return it?

We have no returns, because a developed HYIP is a technically complex digital product, which cannot be returned purely physically.

Do you do free add-ons?

If the add-ons are not in the template, they can be added to the site, but only for a fee.

Do you have a support service?

Yes, every client can contact the technical support service - it's free of charge. We also provide additional services within technical support. If you have any questions, please contact our managers.

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3 Executing the project

We complete project, as soon as everything is ready we contact you, you check everything, pay remaining 50% and we give you access

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All of our products are digital, technically complex products that for reasons of common sense cannot be returned purely physically.


All add-ons that are not on the template are added to the site as an improvement (for a fee).

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We have free technical support. There are also paid services in the technical support. On questions you can contact us