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Monitoring of HYIP projects, blogs

If we decipher and translate literally from the English abbreviation HYIP, we learn that it means a highly profitable investment program. Such projects are regularly created on the Internet and are based on the Ponzi scheme principle - a pyramid scheme. In turn, HYIP monitoring and thematic blogs are needed to make the program work. It is important for people who invest in it in expectation of dividends, and those who create a platform to raise money and earn money. The former are called investors, the latter are called administrators.

The pyramid principle implies that Hyip-projects have participants who lose money. Nevertheless, earning money from them is a real prospect. In order to do so, the administrator must have a competent approach to create a HYIP and make efforts to promote it. As for the monitoring of HYIP projects, it will be a great support for its participants. Through special blogs you can find out how the competing sites are doing and get acquainted with their rating.

General Information

The peculiarity of HYIPs lies in the fact that they are associated with risks - there is an opportunity to receive a considerable income, but there is also a danger of losing the invested money. At the same time the demand for them is high. For its part, blogs devoted to HYIP monitoring help to orient among current and new proposals.

It forms competition between projects in struggle for participants. v

  • A relevant and logical legend to attract money;
  • A convenient site, with intuitive navigation;
  • The design and content of the Internet resource.

Information about such indicators is reflected in the hyip-monitoring blogs. In addition to it through them you will learn the following data:

  1. The timing of the most successful projects. Usually it is 3-4 months.
  2. Interest rate. HYIPs can be low, medium or high yielding.
  3. Money transfer method. Earnings from investments can be transferred to the investor's wallet in automatic mode, as well as manually or by request.

Regarding the duration of HYIP, it is necessary to consider that they can be short-, medium-, long-term. The first ones function no longer than 1 month and they are usually classified as high-yield ones. Long-term HYIPs "live" a year or more. Mid-term HYIPs last from 1 to 12 months and are in the highest demand among investors.

It is also important to remember that investment platforms cease operations when payouts exceed the flow of investments. This leads to the emptying of the coffers. The blog and site monitoring allows you to at least tentatively track such trends.

If you form monitoring of HYIP projects and create thematic blogs, remember that competitors do it too. For their part, investors study all available ratings. On the basis of the received information they make their choice. For this reason it is necessary to entrust HYIP-monitoring to professionals, and our experts are exactly such!