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Exchange services, payment acceptance sites

A script for accepting payments on the website is a prerequisite for the normal operation of a highly profitable project. Users must be able to pay for services and withdraw money. We bind a variety of payment systems to the project - WebMoney, Pioneer, "Yandex.Money", Qiwi iShop, "Privat24. Ukraine", LiqPay and many others. We create exchange services for work in this market, we connect merchants to the site or Internet-shop.

How to accept payments

We use payment acceptance scripts of different complexity, and their feature sets vary as well. The package may include linking wallets in different payment systems, autochecking, creating blacklists, accounting, general project statistics, and built-in email newsletter.

We have ready-to-use payment acceptance scripts and the ability to develop them from scratch for you. They are tamper-proof because only Unihyip clients use them. This payment acceptance system provides:

  • speed of transactions in 3-5 minutes;
  • Multifunctionality, so the client can use the usual payment system;
  • Simplicity of use - intuitive icons give the client the possibility to understand quickly and not to waste any extra time. Your operator or site administrator will get used to it right away.

If necessary, we make changes to the script, add functionality you need.

What are the exchange scripts

Among our services is also the development of the exchanger. The procedure of receiving and sending money can be either automated or semi-automated and completely manual. It all depends on the budget and whether you have the opportunity to engage in the work of the operator. We offer the following variants of scripts for the HYIP:

  • Manual. Here you will definitely need an operator, or preferably several, for shift duty. The client leaves a request for exchange, the operator sends him the details, receives the payment and checks it manually, and then makes a reverse transfer to the client;
  • Semi-automatic service also requires an operator, but simplifies his work. The client leaves an application, pays for the exchange through any payment system linked to the site, and the operator manually checks the payment and sends the equivalent in another currency;
  • automatic.

Specialists advise to choose semi-automatic scripts to ensure increased security of transfers.

To make your users feel confident when transferring money, we install an SSL certificate on your site from Comodo, a long-time partner of our company.