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Rating of HYIP projects 2019

HYIP projects provide excellent prospects for earning in the shortest possible time. Just one successful investment will allow increasing the amount of investment many times without any additional actions. Financial platforms are very profitable, but are associated with high risk. To invest successfully, it is important to estimate your possibilities objectively, to correlate danger of loss of investment and expected profit, to develop an individual strategy of participation. The best HYIP projects of 2019 are published on thematic resources, and their monitoring and evaluation will help to choose the most relevant and safe platforms.

HYIP: selection criteria

HYIPs are called high-yield investment programs, which work according to the Ponzi scheme - maintenance of the site, payment of interest to participants, the administrator is allocated from the fees of new investors. Withdrawal of funds is carried out through electronic payment systems.

Specifics of HYIPs:

  • good profitability;
  • a high level of financial risk;
  • anonymity of the participants;
  • the use of electronic payment systems.

Projects are classified on the basis of profitability, frequency, payment methods, and duration of existence. At the heart of each financial platform of this format is a legend - the more it will interest potential investors, the longer will hold their attention, will encourage them to invite new participants in an affiliate program. It is important to keep in mind that it is impossible to predict its duration, because when the amount of contributions becomes insufficient to cover the income, the HYIP is closed without warning and the return of funds on the balance. But if you take into account the specifics of this type of investment, choose a well thought-out participation strategy and optimal moment to withdraw funds, it will bring a great income for a short period of time. The most promising HYIP projects of 2019 are devoted to different topics - from investments in real estate and loans to medicine and energy.

Rating of the best HYIP projects

Find objective information about trusted financial platforms on specialized resources, thematic forums, blogs. It is difficult to correctly analyze the characteristics and prospects of participation on your own, because it requires experience in the field of investment, specialized knowledge. It is more reliable to use the advice, recommendations of someone who has them at the expert level. It is important to understand that HYIPs are high-risk projects, and it is impossible to guarantee their profitability and duration of work.

Examples of promising HYIP projects:

  • Autobrok - offers investing in real estate, resorts, hourly payouts from 3 to 10% per day;
  • eMine - deals with cloud mining of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is used for deposit and withdrawal, payments start at 3.6% per day;
  • Lumex - medium-yielding project, dedicated to investing in loans against digital assets, safe trading, profits start at 1%;
  • Tron Connect - one of the leaders in multiplatform operating systems, you can get additional income due to the work of the bounty program, affiliate network, there is no commission for replenishment, the real profit of 1%;
  • Ethereal global - investors receive weekly dividends from development, monetization of ecosystem, accrual is from 5% per month.

To reduce the risks, do not invest all the funds and borrowed money in HYIPs, you need to properly allocate investments. It is important to pay attention to the start date of the project (you need to choose only new ones to be among the first), information about the initiators, monitor the statistics and reviews.