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Fashion and hype trends for 2022

The year is coming to an end, that is why both investors and HYIP administrators start to sum up certain results. Based on this, we can safely predict what will be available very soon, because in HYIPs, strange as it may seem, there are trends too. On the threshold of 2022 it is worth considering what trends it is recommended to pay attention to the admins, so as not to get lost in the rapid flow of investment. Each category, which will be discussed below, has its own specifics.

A special heyday is traditionally scheduled for spring, this period in 2022, a lot of new products are expected, but with the advent of summer the desire to invest fades little by little, because the vacation season begins. In this case, in the warm season is worth to look at long-term HYIP projects. They will definitely become the basis of an investment portfolio for a long period of time.

HYIP with average income

Often projects of the average category are the most frequent in the investment portfolio, however, there is some shift in emphasis. The main reason is that there are not as many innovations in this category as we would like, but still, certain results of the last season are worth paying attention to.

Since there is room in the niche of middlings, which for a long time was a reliable mainstream, there is a way for new projects. So, in 2021 such powerful platforms as MMK, Hightwolf, Bitstil, QubitLife, Antares+DantFinance ceased to exist.

Next year, however, the middle-income platforms promise to give, as in the current year, good profit percentages. Therefore they will definitely be interesting for funds and investors, because they can show results. For better understanding we will show profit of some HYIPs:

  • Cloud Mining Mineex netted 127% in six months;
  • Elitex. Staying in the portfolio for 104 days gave a profit of 117.5%;
  • Se7en. Within 96 days, it gave 99% net profit;
  • PulsarBank. Within 80 days, it pleased with a net yield of 104%;
  • CoinTerra, which left the portfolio relatively recently for 91 days, provided a net profit of 195%;
  • TraderCapital. Also a powerful asset that gave out 101.5% in 107 days of performance;
  • BitcoLoan - over a period of 150 days provided 116% of profits.

Powerful platforms such as SuperCopilka, WiseDeposit continue to please with stability. It is possible to call them legends in the HYIP industry. They are phenomenon, which is not afraid of seasonality, they are not subject to trends. And all because they work according to a unique algorithm, and it has consistently brought good results for many years.

Also it should be noted the recognized leader, which works for today - is ZetBull. Has brought this site at the moment 226% of net income. Highlighted by the success of the developer HYIP Yacht Company, which is called CarCompany. Profit of 117% is not the limit and in the upcoming season it is likely to please investors. Another site that certainly pleased and will continue to do so in the future is Top Income, it gave a profit of 140%.

Not bad showed itself medium-yielding Senexa. It is marked by short-term conditions and is in steady demand. At the moment the site has given 81% of the net income, the expected profit in the future – 100%.

Fasts: the trend for summer 2022

Fasts are expected to remain in demand during the summer next year. For short-term marketing, the hot season coincides with our vacations. Fasts have begun to appear with enviable frequency in our investment portfolios. In 2021, we especially want to mention some of them. So, Earnings became a top site because it returned 170%+ to its depositors, which is interesting that the rate is unlikely to decrease in the near future.

Bitchain gave profit of 64% for 24 days, Tradecoins was pleased with 107.5% profit for 10 days, and Lucro gave an outstanding result in the literal sense. That's 300% in 5 days - such a result is really staggering.

High-yield HYIP-projects

In the coming year one should not expect an explosion of activity from high-yield projects for the summer. And while such a trend has been observed this year, it has not justified itself. This marketing faces a lot of challenges, but it is this season that programs designed to generate quick profits have become frequent guests in the portfolio. This summer has been a really high-yield summer. Such projects should be treated more carefully in 2022 as well.

The most powerful results were obtained by several funds. Thus, Raise Up gave 139% of profits for 28 days. The rest rest pleased with net income of less than 100%, but it did not become less attractive. So Ex Funds has result 91% in 24 days, BitXtra has result 95% in 19 days, and Zolibit has similar 95% in the same 19 days.

Specific low-yield HYIPs

Low-yield HYIP projects remain quite specific, they have never played a leading role. This will not change in 2022 either. It is not worth keeping a large number of such HYIPs in your portfolio. Besides, there appear very few funds with low yield, again, because they are not especially in demand.

However, even among them there is a leader to a certain extent. So, the site Montees this year gave profit of 50%, which for such projects is a good result.

Perpetual HYIPs: what to expect from them

High-yield HYIPs were discussed above, but there are more open-ended projects among them. This trend is expected to continue. This mode of payment is popular among investors, even though they have high interest rates. However, the result of 2021 was surprising, so many investors will bet on open-ended projects next season as well.

Raise Up, BitXtra, and Zolibit had good performances. In addition to the fact that they gave an unlimited investment period, they also pleased the interest. So even though they have already ceased to exist, managed to give a profit in the framework of 95-139.5% pure. It is worth taking a closer look at the perpetuals - they are quite promising.

Moneyboxes in 2022

Moneyboxes are one of the riskiest HYIPs, because funds can be freely withdrawn at any time. This is a problem, especially in summer, you can lose the stability of the HYIP. It is not expected to become more active in 2022, especially it can be felt on the background of the popularization of open-ended. Keeps for his portfolio should be chosen very carefully.

However, even here there are projects that deserve attention, at least this year there were such. Among them is Ex Funds HYIP which even with a free withdrawal of the deposit managed to show good results. Among other HYIPs preferred by investors this year were Senexa, Car Company. Dant Finance gave good profits, but in 2021 it ceased to exist.

What you need to know about smart contracts in 2022

They haven't been able to make a big announcement for several years, so they probably won't be a trend next year. Few smart contracts are appearing at the moment. In addition, they are not particularly popular, because so far the quality and marketing suffers. The only one that was interesting this year is the already mentioned Dant Finance.

Unique HYIP projects

There is a tendency for HYIPs which have non-standard implementation and atypical marketing to take off. However, they also enter the market not as many as we would like. At the same time, some of them work steadily and there is no hurry to leave the radar of investors.

For example, the CryptoUniverse project continues to give profits by mining cryptocurrency. And the net income received by investors is in the top and it's 220%+. And this figure is not the limit - it is predicted that the project is still able to surprise.

This season there were several projects with unique features that made the attention, and they managed to show good results. Thus, the most powerful was AssetG Finance. The project literally blows the roof off and gives a fantastic 640% profit during its existence. It does not stop in development - we should expect the increase in the bar of profitability in the future.

Also pleased Lucro, which, unfortunately, ceased to exist. Even though it worked for a short time, it was definitely pleased with net profit. Of course - 300% within 5 days! Not least of all it was achieved due to the competent and sufficiently tough marketing, which provided for limits on the amount of investment, which were daily increased. This expanded the opportunities for the depositors.

What trends are expected

In the future it is expected to increase the number of medium profitable HYIPs. The main reason is long-term experience of developers who are ready to offer good projects with well-thought-out marketing. Therefore in the coming year it is recommended to create the basis of an investment portfolio of medium-sized HYIPs.

The current trend of high-yield projects will not go away as fast as it might seem. Such HYIPs will be in steady demand. Admins will definitely see that and will launch new HY HYIPs with good yield even more actively.

Regarding low-yield HYIPs it is expected that in 2022 there will appear on the market stable projects with low profitability but with long term prospects.

And of course, the competition among admins, which in 2022 promises to be even higher will push the creation of unique projects which can offer really interesting investment conditions. This can significantly stimulate investors.